About Thula

At Thula, our vision is to build innovative solutions that help our customers cut costs while also provide outstanding healthcare.

Our mission is providing first class software solutions to the healthcare sector, based on our extensive experience and proven track record in delivering successful projects.

We are a software company with domain expertise and broad experience in the field of healthcare related software solutions. Mission critical solutions for medication management, drug logistics and electronic exchange of healthcare information are our primary focus areas.

Our product concepts originated with the users. For almost 20 years, Thula’s specialists have collaborated with relevant professionals in several European countries to design our systems and based the technology on their needs.

We have had the fortune to work with outstanding customers ranging from individual long-term care homes, hospitals, and pharmacies to government ministries throughout Scandinavia and continental Europe.

Thula has been recognised by several organisations, including the Icelandic Technology Development Fund, Deloitte’s Technology FAST 50 program and has been awarded by The European Business Awards in the category of innovation as the National Public Champion.

Awards and Certifications