Bespoke Projects

Our experience

For almost two decades, Thula’s consultants have gained valuable experience from over 20 different healthcare projects. Through these projects we have worked with a range of customers in The Netherlands, England, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Denmark and Norway.

We have delivered mission-critical solutions for pharmacies, hospitals, long term- and primary healthcare.

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E-prescribing in Norway

Thula has since 2011 worked with The Norwegian Ministry of Health in supplying a progressive solution to enable nationwide electronic prescriptions.

The solution, named E-resept FM, was designed to be embedded into various EMR systems to facilitate fast adoption of e-prescribing in Norway.

To date E-resept FM has been deployed at over 1.000 GP facilities in Norway and is now being used in all hospitals in the West- and Mid-Norway health regions.

Thula’s consultants have been central in creating the next generation of the solution, introducing an open medication card API, a cloud architecture and a new web-based user interface.

Clinical medication database for Iceland

The Icelandic Medication agency has partnered with its Norwegian counterpart on providing a clinical medication database to the Icelandic market. With a solid foundation in the Norwegian medication database FEST, a new database has been localised to contain all medications used in Iceland.

This new database will be used to provide clinical decision support like drug interaction and allergy warnings, prevent double dosing, and support generic- prescribing and substitutions.

Thula has developed specialised tools to enable the initial localisations and ongoing maintenance of the Icelandic clinical medication database.