Electronic Prescriptions

E-prescribing is both complex and highly specialised. Based on extensive experience in the field, Thula has built eMed, a new e-prescribing solution designed to run either stand-alone or embedded in third party Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions.

Medication Card

Open Architecture

Having full overview of patient’s medication history and current prescriptions is key to safe prescribing. Nonetheless, it is common for patients to get medication prescriptions from multiple doctors issued in different prescribing systems. This frequently leads to harmful adverse drug reactions.

eMed addresses this by providing an open API which makes it possible to receive and store prescriptions from third party e-prescribing solutions. This facilitates the maintenance of a medication card, containing a unified list of all current patient prescriptions.

The eMed medication card can be deployed centrally for consolidating prescriptions for patients within a single organisation or on a larger scale such as within health regions or hospital groups.

Workflow Support

Efficient Collaboration

eMed is designed to support workflows where relevant clinical personnel maintain and process electronic prescriptions.

eMed is used by doctors to prescribe new medicines and maintain existing medication cards. Prescriptions can be made on a generic level. While prescribing doctors benefit from clinical decision support.

Nurses use eMed to enter new prescriptions suggestions or modifications to an existing medication card, to be approved by doctors. Furthermore, nurses use eMed to approve medication cards for dispensing. In this context, eMed can support nurses in safely matching brand names to generic prescriptions.

eMed can be integrated with third party pharmacy systems for performing pharmacy review. Through messages dispensing problems can be sent from the pharmacy to the nursing team for resolution.

eMed supports processes for handling pre-dispensed or multi-dose dispensed medicines.

Flexible Approach

Embedded or Stand-alone

eMed is a specialised e-prescribing solution, designed to be used either stand-alone or alternatively to be embedded in third party EMR solutions.

By integrating eMed and an EMR, the two solutions can share sign-on credentials and patient context is synchronised. For example, patient demographics and clinical information such as allergies and admission information can be fetched from the EMR, and eMed then provides administration plans to be used in the EMR for dispensing and administration registration. Likewise, prescription information can be fetched from eMed and utilised where relevant in the EMR, such as in discharge notes or patient overviews.

Decision Support

Patient Safety

eMed is designed to support clinicians in safely prescribing and maintaining patients’ medication cards.

Based on local clinical medication databases, eMed provides clinical decision support such as drug interactions, allergy warnings and double medication warnings.