We are always seeking opportunities to work with great companies dedicated to providing outstanding services to the healthcare sector.

University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB)

UHB and Thula, together with E-Sign, are working closely on introducing Alfa‘s Controlled Drugs (CD) module as a comprehensive closed-loop and fully paperless solution throughout the UHB Trust.

UHB is a pioneer in using the Alfa CD module within the NHS for ensuring governance and compliance when managing controlled drugs.

E-Sign UK

Thula and E-Sign have partnered to integrate their advanced electronic signature solution the Alfa Controlled Drug module.

Using electronic signatures we are able to provide a closed-loop and fully paperless solution for the management of controlled drugs in the NHS, ensuring compliance with UK legislation and elevating governance when managing controlled drugs.


Thula is partnering with ASSA Abloy to enable querying data from their innovative CLIQ system to provide users of Alfa with a more comprehensive audit trail when investigating controlled drug related discrepancies.

With this integration in place, we will be able to combine information from the CLIQ system and the Alfa system and provide a true control tower overview of discrepancies.


Origo is a long-established Nordic IT services and solutions provider with offices in Iceland and Sweden.

Origo is a leading provider of EMR solutions in Iceland with its flagship product SAGA.

Origo and Thula work jointly on e-prescribing solutions for the Icelandic market where eMed is integrated into SAGA, Iceland’s most widespread EMR.


MedEye is a leading provider of medication safety solutions for hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

Our e-prescribing solution eMed works with MedEye for bedside verification.


Lyfjaver is an Icelandic pharmacy operating a retail pharmacy and providing pharmaceutical services to long term care facilities.  Lyfjaver is a pioneer in automated multidose dispensing for hospitals, long- term and primary care.

Lyfjaver has been on the forefront of utilising Alfa to provide outstanding services to hospitals and long-term care facilities all over Iceland.