Welcome to Thula

Thula is a dynamic consulting firm with special expertise and broad experience in the field of healthcare solutions and integrations.

Over the past 10-15 years, Thula‘s consultants have had continuous focus on the design, implementation, maintenance and support of mission critical solutions within the healthcare sector in Holland, Denmark, Iceland and Norway.

Our solid solutions and reliable delivery were recognized in 2015 when Thula topped the Fast50 list compiled by Deloitte Iceland.

Medication management, drug logistics and electronic exchange of healthcare information are our primary focus areas.

Thula‘s consultants have extensive experience from over 15 different projects and products within these focus areas.

For the past 7 years Thula has gained unique expertise through practical project work in the Norwegian healthcare market.

Our customers value our flexibility, reliability and responsiveness when executing assignments and projects.

These values, together with our experience and unique expertise, make Thula a prime vendor of healthcare solutions and consulting.

Thula emphasizes its core values through use of agile development methods and openness in communication with its customers.